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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Technology... ???

Well the new website has been built and loaded to the world wide web. is still the domain... BUT do not take the information to heart quite yet. There are still a few things that need to be added, fixed, or nixed.
Prior to Fair week, we should have this all worked out and all should be running smoothly. If life allows technology to run parallel to the fairgrounds, well it should happen sooner... Right now we just seem to be running into many cross roads in the tech world and not just websites. Printers, computers, etc, this week have just not been happy here. Maybe next week will be better.
... so...
In the mean time please visit our Facebook page as this is usually the most up to date form of communication we have. Otherwise you are always welcome to use the old fashion telephone. We do not have automated answering service. We will have an actual human answer your questions!
Enjoy the weather, and mark your calendars, only 73 days until opening day of the 125th Fowlerville Family Fair!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The Fowlerville Fair has had several logos since the conception in 1886. The current logo was designed and began use in 1993. Although it was very creative, and nice, it has become outdated as to what we have at the fair. The Logo design currently displays a draft horse show team, several years ago the draft shows were eliminates. All this being said... It is time for a more current logo design.

Instead of the Board of Directors trying to come up with something, we have opened it to the public, as a contest. We are looking for the community to tell us in logo design, what the fair means to them. The rules are simple, the scroll and name must remain, as that has always been a part of the design. Other than that the art work is up to the designer. It can be computer generated, or hand drawn. There is no age limit. We want to see all ages, and all abilities get involved.

The winner will receive free admittance to the 2011 Fair, and currently looking for sponsors for added prizes. We would love to make sure that the designer is well recognized.

Contact the fair office for more details, and where to enter. The deadline is June 15, 2011.

Until next time...